Tel Aviv Wissotsky 6 Project - A New Tel Aviv Classic


A New Tel Aviv Classic

Tel Aviv neighborhoods are all defined by their unique charms. Each one has a special character, community, and rhythm of their own, and each has its own original story that began once upon a time and is still being written today.

Now, Acro Real Estate, Aviv Group, and LR Real Estate are writing the latest chapter in the Tzameret neighborhood’s classic tale: the elegant new residences at Wissotsky 6, a magnificent new complex destined to become a true Tel Aviv classic. Designed with precise attention to detail, Wissotsky 6 merges seamlessly with the unique urban fabric of its classic surroundings, meticulously preserving that quintessential Tel Aviv character while, at the same time, breathing fresh life into a long-established neighborhood.

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    Wissotsky 6 presents two new 15-story residential buildings, both impeccably planned by acclaimed architect Gidi Bar Orian: “The essential esthetic concept behind the design is the deconstruction of the complex’s total mass into symmetrical and asymmetrical sections through the application of form and color in a clear, precise rhythm. This approach adds a human dimension to the building, despite its exceptional height relative to the surrounding area.”

    The striking interior design, by architect Irma Orenstein, follows this architectural language through the skillful use of clean, continuous surfaces and long angles that link the buildings on the ground floor and corridors to create a single, uninterrupted space. The project includes 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, as well as a variety of unique premium residences.

    Classic Neighborhood

    • Top cultural, leisure, and entertainment destinations
    • Enticing stores and brands in Kikar Hamedina
    • Bustling cafés and restaurants
    • Abundant lush gardens and green spaces
    • Excellent educational institutions

    The Partners

    Founded in 1985 by co-owners Ami Lustig and Roy Ben Yami, LR Group specializes in developing, planning, constructing, and financing diverse projects in sectors that include healthcare, energy, water, agriculture, communication, and infrastructure. For the past 30 years, LR Group has furthered many projects through exporting unique technologies and models developed in Israel. These are then integrated effectively in countries around the globe, including all the necessary adaptations to the specific needs of each area in order to foster optimal sustainability. These projects provide the local population with professional guidance and tools over a multi-year period, leading to commercial success alongside economic and social development that changes the face of the nation in many ways. The Group establishes and operates cultural centers and food processing plants, generating employment opportunities and tremendous economic growth in rural areas of developing countries.

    Recognized as one of Israel’s foremost real estate companies, Acro Real Estate primarily focuses on the construction and improvement of large-scale projects in high demand areas. The company is able to draw on many years of extensive experience in initiating and establishing a wide range of upscale residential, office, commercial, and hotel projects. Acro Real Estate is led by an impressive team of leading professionals who have ensured the company’s continued success over the years. The company has pioneered a range of monumental developments that have transformed the face of the city and become iconic architectural landmarks in their own right. Acro Real Estate’s shareholders include the prominent Phoenix insurance group, which provides Acro with solid financial backing and dependable economic strength. Acro Real Estate is now seeking to consolidate its enviable position at the very pinnacle of the real estate field, while simultaneously ensuring uncompromising quality together with exceptional planning and implementation throughout every project.

    Aviv Group is one of the leading, largest, and best-established construction companies in Israel. Leveraging vast experience, the Group has achieved impressive success in the establishment of residential, business, public construction, and infrastructure projects in Israel and worldwide. Since its founding in 1963 by the late Moshe Aviv, the Group has made an indelible mark on the Israeli construction landscape, acting as its own contractor for many large-scale and groundbreaking projects. Aviv Group also specializes in tackling particularly complex and sophisticated construction challenges through the use of cutting-edge technology, innovative high quality building materials, and meticulous architectural planning by the finest professionals in the field.

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      I agree to receive advertising material regarding the projects of Acro Real Estate, Aviv Group and LR Real Estate, by email, by SMS or by telephone

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